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Pharmatech has adopted a unique approach to the market that has resulted in distribution agreements with several major international pharmaceutical companies and their subsidiaries, such as an Australian supplement manufacturer, a Romanian Medicinal Drugs manufacturer, a Polish Supplements manufacturer, a Turkish Medicinal Devices Manufacturer, a Syrian Medicinal Drugs Manufacturer, and more.

Pharmatech has followed a partnership approach in its business, which is unique in a market where the distributor traditionally dictates terms to its suppliers and invests little of its own resources. Pharmatech always maintains close contact with its suppliers as we participate in the strategic planning, business development, budgeting, problem-solving, and any other related areas that potentially affect both parties.

Considering the nature of the stock, inventory control is strictly monitored to ensure that adequate supplies are available and properly stored, while customer transactions are strictly monitored and are easily tracked through the computerized system.

We can also handle and provide regulatory affairs’ services to our valuable partners who are in need in terms of company and product registrations in Iraq.