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Vision & Mission

Our Vision and Mission are constantly reflected in our decisions and actions, as can be seen in the quality of the products we distribute.

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PharmaTech Company for Drugs and Medical Supply is dedicated to providing the best medication for the people of Iraq.
With European, Indian, and Australian Brands, and more brands currently in negotiations, we have chosen to work with the best medicine manufacturers around the world.

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Hard-Working Staff

The Pharmatech Staff is an efficient and strong group of people who strive for greatness and work non-stop to maximize productivity. They are the ones this company is made of and they are the ones who make it successful.

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Grow Partnership

Pharmatech has adopted a unique approach to the market that has resulted in distribution agreements with several major international pharmaceutical companies and their subsidiaries, such as LOMEVA pharmaceutical Australian origin, ANTIBIOTICE a+ Romanian origin, Biofaktor Manufacturer Polish origin, and more.

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